Parent-child Suit Best Men Strapless Suit-1

Parent-child strapless suit

Gender: Children / Men
Material: Polyester

Adult braces (not stretched) Size: about Length100 cm (39 inches) xWidth 2. 5 cm (0.975 inches)

Braces for children (not stretched) size: approximately Length67 cm (29.64 inches) x Width 2. 5 cm (0.975 inches)

(1 inch = 2.54 cm, 1 cm = 0.39 inches)

Note 1: Due to the difference in measurement method, please allow 0-3 cm of size difference
Note 2: There may be a slight color difference, due to the settings of the computer screen.

Some colors have been adjusted, In addition, the quality of the metal buckle has been improved, The new colors in the pictures are accurate. some buyers have told me that this adult sudpenders may not suit the big guy, it’s only the average size for men, please be careful so we do not have more problems, thanks!

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